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2014 King LOW LOADER A&M Commercials

MOT Date. 03/2022. Body Condition. Clean. Interior Condition. Clean. Tyre Condition. 50%. 2014 KING Low Loader, Gigant tri axle on air suspension, front lift axle, drum brakes, hydraulic flip-toe mesh ramps, rear stabiliser legs, outriggers, Bolster pins& sockets, lashing hooks, beacon, raise/lower valve, locker box, storage trays, fitted with ''Talon Super winch 14'' winch w/ 6350kg capacity, MOT March Air bellow Ø300 gigant - krone-trailerpartsAir suspension; Axle lift; Brake and air systems. Valves / couplings; Modulator; Electronics / cabling; Control consoles / brackets; Other parts; Screw connections pneumatic system; Air bellow Ø300 gigant. Similar to illustration. Product no.:515069174. A one-time registration is required to view prices and place orders.

Broshuis 3ASD 6.20m extendable lowloader, steering-axle

payload weight :35220 kg. Cargo floor height :87 cm. Extendable MOT until :02/2022 Spare wheel Drumbrakes as new:2020 BROSHUIS 3ASD 6.20m extendable low-loader with ABS/EBS, Gigant axles with drum brakes, 3rd axle = steering axle, 2 separate aluminum ramps (loading capacity 31,000kg), height loading floor:87cm, lashing eyes, stanchion pots, wideners, hardwood floor, width plates, tool Chassis technology - Fliegl AgrartechnikThe Jumbo GigantPlus unit is suitable for farms with very hilly areas. The axles are above the parabolic springs, which leads to an extremely low centre of gravity. The vehicle is about 20 cm lower than with an installed GigantPlus suspension. Commercial Vehicle Systems17. Air Reservoir, Suspension 18. In-line Filter 19. 3/2 Control Valve 20. Lift Axle Valve - Pneumatically Controlled 21. Lift Bellows 22. Air Suspension Bellows 23. Levelling Valve 24. Raise/Lower Valve 25. Test Connector 1

Disc brake unit kit for KRONE/GIGANT DBT22LT

Disc brake unit kit for KRONE/GIGANT DBT22LT. Use kit 96552 for RIGHT SIDE application. Use kit 96551 for LEFT SIDE application. Including :Complete ModulT DBT22LT Air disc brake without brake pads. Find corresponding brake pad kit for this KRONE/GIGANT application here. FRESH STOCK 2013 MERCEDES - Walker Movements Ltd PLANT TRAILER King Tri Axle Chassis, Stepframe Low Loader Body, Electric Hydraulic Ramps, Hydraulic Side Shift, Electric Winch, Out Riggers, Gigant Axles, Drum Brakes, Air Suspension, MOT April 2022. PRICE:£25,750 MOT:APRIL 2021 ELECTRIC HYDRAULIC RAMPS, GIGANT AXLES GGCK0001 GIGANT CAMSHAFT KIT - AXLE SET - GGCK0001 GIGANT CAMSHAFT KIT - AXLE SET is a small part of the Universal Components range available for truck and trailer applications - including aftermarket and OEM options.

Gigant Axle CS Commercial Products

Gigant Axle CS Commercial Products. Home / Parts / Transporter Engineering / Axles & Suspension T / Gigant Axle. Hook lift roll-off tipper - Fliegl AgrartechnikThe Fliegl hook lift system is offered in three technical versions, of which Fliegl recommends the one with air suspension. The pneumatic tilting lowering system ensures optimum stability even at high inclination angles (up to 50°). Alternatively, the new hook lift trailer is also available with standard Gigant or Gigant plus suspension. JordexJordex Agencies, a wholesale company based in Alberton, Gauteng, was founded in 1992 and is one of the leading heavy duty truck replacement parts specialists in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. We supply a broad range of quality replacement parts through a network of independently owned and operated distributors.

Spindle Lifting B CS Commercial Products

Pneumatic/Air; Hydraulic; Nylon; Safety Components; Axles & Suspension; Towing Coupling. Ball Coupling; Stabilizer; Axle & Suspension. SAE Axle; Gigant Axle; Pre-2005 Suspension; Post-2005 Suspension; Towing Coupling. Pin Coupling. RO50; RO500; RO057; CS21-013 Spindle Lift Housing Read more; CS21-012 Slide Case Read more; CS21-004-02 Suspension and braking system components - Suspension SUSPENSION AND BRAKING SYSTEM COMPONENTS. Suspension and braking system components. TYPES OF PRODUCTS. ABS MODULATOR. ADAPTOR VALVE. AIR DRYER. AIR PROCESSING UNIT (APU) AIR VALVE PLATFORM. BRAKE SIGNAL TRANSMITTER. Used Tri-Axle Trailers for Sale Three axle semi trailers Nugent 3 Axle 21 Feet Cheese-Wedge Drawbar Trailer, Plated @ 25,000 Kgs Nugent Refinements:3x 8000 Kgs Axles, Front Lift Axle, Air Suspension, 28 mm Hard wood Floor, Extendable Towing Arm, 57mm Draw Bar Coupling, Galvanized Wheel Infills, SAF Drum Axles, Rope Hooks, Twist Locks x6 ,


gigant axle systems 3. WARRANTY DURATION Duration Components 6 years without km limit Axle beam, steering knuckle (steering axles), steering arm, air suspension bracket, spring, attachment plates 24 months without km limit Brake cylinder, brake calliper, brake camshaft, slack adjuster, axle lift, airGIGANT Axle Systems GIGANTgigant trailer axles. GIGANT in Dinklage is a member of the Krone Group and one of the leading manufacturers of axles and suspensions for the commercial vehicle trailer market. Our products are used worldwide in various areas and are considered to be the innovation drivers in the industry. The extended product range includes light axles with axle loads of 5.5 t up to heavy-duty and low loader axles with axle