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NOTE:If air pressure is greater than 827 kPa (120 psi), use a pressure regulator. Prime pump with shop air. Using a rubber tipped air gun to seal around the DEF pump inlet fitting, apply clean regulated shop air to the DEF pump inlet fitting for three to five seconds. DD15 EPA10 Engine Sensor Locations DD15 TroubleshootingIntake Manifold Temperature Sensor. Camshaft Position Sensor. Fuel Compensation Pressure Sensor. Fuel Doser Line Pressure Sensor. Electronic Dosing Valve. Fuel Cutoff Valve. Crankshaft Position Sensor. Supply Fuel Temperature Sensor. Water-In-Fuel Sensor.

DD15 Engine - Section 1 The Fuel System Detroit Diesel

Jun 06, 2019 · From the fuel accumulator (14) part of the returned fuel is delivered directly upstream of the fuel prefilter (3) in the fuel low pressure circuit. The fuel quantity is determined by the throttle valve (12) and the regulator (13) in the fuel return (17) bypass. This returned fuel leads to a lower suction load for the low pressure fuel pump (4). DD15 Engine - Section 1.1 Amplified Pressure Common-Rail Jun 06, 2019 · 1. MCM Heat Exchanger 13. Regulator 2. Priming Port 14. High Pressure Fuel Pump 3. Fuel Prefilter 15. Low Pressure Fuel Pump 4. DD15 Troubleshooting - Section 16.10 Pressure Limiting Jun 08, 2019 · Pressure Limiting Valve Trend Data Examples Component Normal PLV (cold start) Normal PLV (after drive cycle) Normal PLV (after drive cycle) Leaking PLV Fuel Rail Surface Temperature 82-89°F 187°F 168°F 90-97°F PLV Line Surface Temperature 76

DD15 Troubleshooting - Section 17.7 Sensors Detroit

Jun 08, 2019 · 2. Doser Block Assembly 8. DOC Outlet Temperature Sensor 3. Fuel Pressure Regulator 9. Sensor Junction box 4. Intake Throttle Valve 10. DPF Outlet Temperature Sensor 5. EGR Valve 11. DPF Outlet Pressure Sensor 6. Fuel Doser Valve 12. DPF Inlet Pressure Sensor DD15 fuel pressure does not stay.What could be the problem?May 31, 2013 · Pressure would not get over 85 psi at 1800 rpm with a brand new pump and filters, I am usually the one that has to follow people up and figure it out if nobody else can. I am glad it was under warranty for the customers sake. The doser pressure regulator valve is in the high pressure flange, you have to use a 6mm allen to remove it. Dd15 code 3480-1 inhibit do to low temp clean out injector Aug 27, 2014 · dd15 code 3480-1 inhibit do to low temp clean out injector dozer hole was a little pluged replace dozer block check pressure at idle 70-80 high idle 90 psi wondering where is the dozer fuel pressure control valve whats part number so i could but it

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Aug 10, 2021 · 50 PSI. 85 PSI. 50 PSI. 85 PSI. Minimum Delivery Volume (after 30 seconds) 1 liter. 1 liter. CAUTION:Perform this test only long enough to determine if pressure rises above minimum specification; risk exists of blowing coupler hose off of pump. This test is only necessary if other pressure tests indicate lower than normal fuel pressure. I have am mbe 4000 with code 3480 doser fuel pressure low The most common thing for this code is the doser block assembly malfunctioning or low fuel pressure due to fuel filters or a restriction in fuel system. JACUSTOMER-uemh00xp- :I conected the fuel gauge to inlet at fuel filter,I use the compucheck fitting , the gauge read 0 psi t idle, it does not sound right. Mercedes MBE 900 Troubleshooting Low Doser Fuel Pressure Mercedes MBE 900 Troubleshooting Low Doser Fuel Pressure Code. Mercedes MBE 900 Troubleshooting Low Doser Fuel Pressure Code. For more detail go to my blog post. Correction:The doser fuel pressure regulator is not a spring and ball but a tapered valve and seat.

Section 2 - Fuel System

Diesel Fuel System without Motor Control Module (MCM) The fuel system includes injectors, integral fuel manifold in the cylinder head, fuel pump, a primary fuel filter, a secondary fuel filter, and a fuel pressure regulator. See Figure "Schematic Diagram of the Diesel Fuel System with MCM" for fuel system diagram. FIRE (f9) losing fuel pressure on my 2011 DD15 Cascadia Apr 18, 2014 · I have a 2011 Cascadia DD15 with 312,000 miles recently when I shut it of it will lose fuel pressure after about 15 - 20 min. It does not have a check engine light so Freightliner in Madison WI cant figure out whats wrong. They have checked the injectors and said they are OK, replaced the fuel filter and base unit for the fuel filter.708-13.pdf - Fuel System Diagram Update17. Pressure Relief Valve 18. Fuel Return from Amplifiers 19. Fuel Cooler 20. High Pressure Fuel Flange 21. Fuel Cutoff Valve 22. Fuel Compensation Sensor 23. HC Doser Valve 24. Water Coalescer/Final Filter Drain 25. Pressure Limiting Valve 26. Fuel Return from Pressure Limiting Valve 27. HC Doser Fuel Supply Pressure Control Valve (KM59 Gen1