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Butterfly dampers designs and material options are available for operating temperature up to 2,000 degrees F and differential pressure up to 6 psi. Slide gate dampers are available in 4 to 96 in. sizes. Capabilities include pipe and mobile welding, precision plasma and laser cutting. Dampers - Knape AssociatesAug 03, 2021 · M engineers have been designing and supplying guillotine dampers to the industry for decades. Our proven guillotine dampers are specifically designed for applications where reliability is crucial. Case and point:all of our guillotine dampers have a rack and pinion drive, that allows for superior drive reliability.

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DGGuillotine damperRound and square/rectangular section flange mounted guillotine damper for gas isolationMore info. DDDiverter damper3-way square/rectangular section flange mounted diverter damper for gas regulation/control, diverting and isolationMore info. STStack DamperOne or two blade/flap flange mounted stack damper for gas isolationMore info. EFM Home - EFM Dampers,Expansion JointsAround the world, Effox-Flextor-Mader dampers and expansion joints give companies the hardware they need to curb greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants that are destructive to our air and threaten our wellbeing. We work hard to contribute a strong and healthy environment. Effox-Flextor-Mader brand a global leader in the industry for decades. Safe, durable, and reliable equipment is absolutely essential EFM Product:Butterfly DampersEFM BUTTERFLY DAMPERS. Effox-Flextor-Mader (EFM) has installed Butterfly Dampers from 12 inches (305 mm) in diameter to greater than 144 inches (3658 mm) in diameter. Our Butterfly Dampers can be found in some of the harshest environments where abrasion, corrosion and dust loading are prevalent. Seal options include tadpole seal, bar stop, or elastomeric seals.

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EFM Louver Dampers. Effox-Flextor-Mader (EFM) offers several styles of Louver Dampers to meet your application and system specifications. Our Louver Dampers are offered with a parallel blade or opposed blade design. Parallel louvers are primarily used for system isolation. EFM parallel blade louvers are used around the world in applications for bypass capability and tight shut off for the process & utility industries. Guillotine Dampers - thomasnetISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer & designer of guillotine & flue dampers. Guillotine dampers are used for blocking flow in rectangular & round ducting & isolating flue gas applications. Features include self cleaning blade seats, self lubricated sleeve bearings & corrosion resistant drive & follower shafts. Guillotine Dampers in Northern Ohio (OH) on ThomasnetMader Dampers Inc. ico-map. LaGrange, OH Manufacturer* $10 - 24.9 Mil 1963 10-49. Manufacturer of dampers for manual, pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic operating applications. Types of dampers include butterfly, louver, inlet vane, stack cap, diverting, tee, poppet, guillotine and slide gate dampers

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Guillotine dampers. Ideal where positive isolation is required for routine maintenance and/or personnel safety; Can be installed in a short length of ductwork; Blade normally out of the gas stream; Low pressure drop when blade fully opened; Round, rectangular or square; Internal or external insulation Inlet vane control (IVC) dampers - World ValveOur radial vane dampers can be fitted with any form of actuation allowing either local or remote modulating control. Engineered to ensure ease of maintenance and service without removing the damper from the fan and designed to withstand the high air velocities that can be experienced in use. Our radial vane dampers are custom-engineered and manufactured to customer specifications depending on Kelair R&H Technical Sales, Inc.Guillotine dampers; Louver dampers; Diverters and tee dampers; Specialty applications; When a project requires more than off-the-shelf dampers, Kelair Products can meet your needs. It specializes in custom design and fabrication of dampers and assemblies to meet application-specific requirements. As a single-source manufacturer, Kelair Products

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General Info. Operational since 1976, Mader Dampers is a manufacturer of industrial dampers. Based in Lagrange, Ohio, it operates a 45,000-square-foot facility equipped with in-house paint booth and airless spraying equipment. The company offers customers dampers in various categories, such as Butterfly, Louver, Inlet Vane, Tee, Poppet, Guillotine, slide gate and specialty. Utility Power Equipment in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana Effox-Flextor-Mader. corrosion, metal fatigue, and distortion. Diverter Dampers can be configured in a low-leak or zero-leak design, with a toggle-type or pivot style diverter damper for HRSG, waste heat recovery, natural gas turbine, and other systems that require diversion of the gas stream. Guillotine Slide Gate Dampers feature custom Specialty Dampers Mader DampersThe MDV damper is a single blade Diverter. Most commonly used in turbine exhaust applications, the MDV damper diverts the exhaust gas to either the bypass stack or allows it to pass through to a waste heat boiler. The sealing efficiency is better than 99.8% using the standard seal arrangement.