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Using torque tools, such as nutrunners or hydraulic torque wrenches, you turn the nut. As the nut turns, it stretches the stud. The torque gas (onshore and offshore), power generation, con-struction, defence and renewable energy. We supply a full range of Tensor electric assembly tools Bolted joints for gas and steam turbines:ITH leads the Today more than 1,600 gas and steam turbines worldwide use the ITH Stretch-Method - the leading procedure to tighten and loosen bolted joints in turbine construction. Joint design on turbines by ITH. During the introduction process the design of the bolted joints was made by ITH. Joint design, fastener specifications and bolting tools (Bolt

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UKAS Accredited Certificates. As a UKAS accredited calibration Laboratory No. 0256, Norbar is required to calibrate torque measuring devices that are within the Laboratorys scope, in accordance with BS 7882:2017. The laboratory is accredited for torques between 0.005 N·m and 108,500 N·m.. Delvo Electric ScrewdriversDelvo. Size:6 MB. Professional Tools for Assembling High-Technology Goods. NITTO KOHKI's "Delvo" Electric Screwdrivers are high-quality tools for professional use, with special emphasis on precise torque control and long life. They always apply just the correct amount of torque with accurate and positive control at your fingertips. HYTORC - Oil and Gas - Hydraulic tools for oilfield jobs Why HYTORC for Oil and Gas From exploration to production, HYTORC offers productivity enhancing solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our custom bolting systems are in use by every major oil and gas company around the world with proven results.

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Dedicated specialists:Norbar is devoted exclusively to the design, development and production of torque tightening and measuring equipment. Ensuring your success:Reliability and accuracy are critical to success, and world-class manufacturers around the world know that they can rely on Norbar to provide the equipment that meets these requirements. Screwdrivers & Hex Keys - Proto IndustrialScrewdrivers, NUT DRIVERS and Hex Keys you wont want to put down. Our tools are designed to fit your hand as well as they fit the job. Proto®, Blackhawk by Proto®, Expert, and Stanley® craft professional grade screwdrivers and nut drivers for pros who take their work seriously. Screwdrivers & Professional Screwdriver Sets CRAFTSMANScrewdrivers. Our 4V Cordless screwdriver feels like a manual but can drive 325 screws with a single charge. Bi-Material screwdrivers with black oxide tips feature improved torque and durability. Sets include bi-material and acetate in a variety of numbers, sizes, and precision sets.

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A torquing screwdriver has a torque-limiting clutch that allows a limit on how much force is applied beyond a certain threshold. Flathead Screwdriver The slot or flat-headed screwdriver is probably the most common form of hand tool. Torque Monitoring Weatherford InternationalTorque Monitoring. Our torque-monitoring solutionsincluding our JAMPro NET system and TorkPro® 3 softwarecreate a virtual connection for remote and real-time monitoring of premium-pipe makeup and breakout. Remote viewing reduces the number of workers on the rig floor and minimizes risks. Real-time capabilities help you to verify WHEELER ENGINEERING FAT WRENCH BrownellsThis amazing handheld torque wrench lets you apply repeatable, accurate torque settings to scope rings, guard screws and other screws, which aids in accuracy and decreases the opportunity for problems in the field. The FATWrench is a perfect compliment to the Deluxe Gunsmithing Screwdriver

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PROPER TORQUE - In industrial applications proper torque is important for safety, reliability and performance. Every manufacturer whether in fleet maintenance, power generation, oil and gas, etc. specifies critical fastener torque for important reasons. Under and over tightening critical fasteners can lead to product failure.Wheeler Fat Torque Wrench Screwdriver with 10 Bit Set Use this Wheeler Fat Torque Wrench Screwdriver with 10 Bit Set to ensure every screw on your gun is tightening to the proper specifications.Wheeler Engineering made these Gunsmithing Equipment from rugged S2 tool steel.The Wheeler Fat Gunsmithing Wrench with 10 Bit Set provides a torque adjustment range from 10 in/lbs. to 65 in/lbs. which will help you properly tighten riflescope rings, guard